Hello, I'm Evelyn Münster.


I am a data analyst, storyteller & visualization expert specialized in data products. I create data visualizations that enable actionable insights and that explain complex things in a way that the audience understands them easily. My projects are in a wide range of fields, from data science, machine learning, robots and analytics to code, statistics, processes and user journeys.


With a background in media art, software development and data analytics, I'm in the visualization game since 2008, helping technology clients from many industries develop complex and innovative data products, such as control and decision systems, tools and dashboards.

I am pleased that my Cycle of Encoding and Decoding has been used in the study “Future Skills: A Framework for Data Literacy” by the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung. My work serves as the basis for data literacy education that is now used at German universities.

I am living in Nuremberg and Munich, Germany.

Want to take a look at my work? Here is my portfolio.


The data studio


I am the founder and Managing Partner of Designation, a data studio for user-centered Data Products. We create data products and analytics applications for B2B users with high business requirements. 


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