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Hi, I'm Evelyn, and I have been creating data products since 12 years. I've learned the hard way how to build user-centric data UIs - and I'd love to share my knowledge with you!


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Hi, and I'm Christoph.


As an analytics professional I have been engaged with data products my whole career.

I have always been fascinated by how they work in general and how they can best provide insights for decision making.


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The cycle of encoding and decoding

How does data visualization work?

Data visualizations are basically the double encoding of a complex system. Thus, the readers of data visualizations need to go through specific steps of decoding in order to understand and interpret the data and the underlying system.

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Jack the checker

Sometimes a data product can profit immensely from an explainer video. I created this video about a little robot for my client.

Are you drowning in a flood of bills and invoices? Find out how Jack the Checker can help you. Besides, learn more about robotic process automation and (finally!) understand the confusion matrix.

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Chart Doktor consultation hours & Meetup

In our first Meetup, 10 Chart Doktors analyzed some Corona charts using the Decoding Canvas and were even drawing a quick remake.

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What, this bot makes errors?? How to explain AI to managers

My short 15 mins talk at the Amsterdam Data Viz & Data Science Meetup.

Here I aim to explore how visualizations can be used to show artificial intelligence errors to build user trust.


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Figurative process visualization

The problem with dashboards is that they can rarely show the influence of multiple factors simultaneously. So I developed a new type of visualization that allows to identify correlations and potential for improvement in the applicant process.

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9 Design Pitfalls on the Way to a Successful Data Product

Data visualization products are a completely new terrain and require an extended design strategy.

User interfaces for data products have the task of making complexity understandable for the user. Anyone who wants to build a data product that needs to communicate data and complex models to users faces a special challenge with an unexpectedly high level of difficulty.

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Power BI Dashboard for Medtech business

We built a user-centred data product for hundreds of medical professionals to help them better understand their workflows and improve their daily routines.

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Dr. Lenz Kröck

Chief Product Officer, Navigance GmbH, Munich, Germany

Easy to grasp UI for highly complex datasets

"Evelyn has been a key contributor to creating a user interface that has been acknowledged by our customers as easy to grasp, even though the underlying datasets and systems are highly complex."

Dave Anderson

Software Engineering ExecutiveWashington D.C.

Blending statistical know-how with design expertise

"Evelyn and her team are masters at blending statistical know-how with design expertise. She created an outcome that we had not imagined and would not have come up with on our own."

Dr. Michael Prohaska

CEOthe tean, Vienna, Austria

Rapid understanding of robotic processes

"Evelyn created a user interface for business experts and a sensational picture story to enable rapid and enduring understanding of robotic processes even by AI laymen."

Dr. Boris Mouzykantskii

Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientist, IPONWEB, Moscow

Explaining complicated math like in seconds

"Evelyn was spot on with all explanations, she came back with a beautiful animation for a 3D geometrical concept that did explain the core idea like in seconds. If I did not witness this myself I would not have thought it was possible."


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