Learn how to turn your users into real fans with impactful data visualizations

A 12 weeks bootcamp to help your team design data products that people can’t live without.

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Nobody uses your data product

"Just show me all the data!" that's what your users said. So, you built them an analytics app ... that hardly anyone uses. Engagement rates are horribly low, although you have implemented every feature request.

Untapped potential

You know there’s huge potential to create data visualizations that can be a game-changer in your business. BUT, your team doesn’t have the skills, and the books and online classes you’ve found so far are too basic, too general, and not suited for your special situation.

Confusion & trust issues

Your data product uses machine learning perfectly to solve complex problems. Unfortunately, nobody is buying it because of how difficult it is to understand it. Worse, your customer service teams spend way too much time answering questions because users do not trust the predictions.

Iconic Data Design

An online data visualization bootcamp


Master the power of human-centered design. Create data visualizations that show real value for your customers.


As data visualization is a team sport, this course is perfect for a product team with product leaders, UX designers, data scientists, analysts, and software developers.

By the end of this 12 weeks training, you (and your team) will be able to

  • assess the quality of any data visualization and identify weaknesses
  • develop effective solutions for those weaknesses
  • apply the step-by-step design strategy for data visualizations
  • create a data visualization design that solves a user's problem and creates actionable insights
  • choose the right chart types for dashboards and data products
  • know how to deal with data pitfalls.

Pssst ... Want to see what's exactly in this course?

Hi, I'm Evelyn! Let me show you 3 milestones that are absolutely vital to a successful data product launch – PLUS get a glimpse of everything you'll learn in the Iconic Data Design Course!


Is this coaching program for you? Let’s find out.

The Iconic Data Design Bootcamp solves a lot of problems, but it’s still not for everyone. That’s why we offer to have an in-depth chat via Zoom to discuss if this training is a good fit for you, your company, and your team.
During our call, we’ll get you on a clear path to overcome your biggest data design challenges. In fact, we’ll map out the exact next steps you should take to create better data products and boost user engagement.


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Easy to grasp UI for highly complex datasets

"Evelyn's expertise, rooted in both data and design, has facilitated the close collaboration of our data science team with our UX team.

Evelyn has been a key contributor to creating a user interface that has been acknowledged by our customers as easy to grasp, even though the underlying datasets and systems are highly complex.

This has helped us a lot when introducing the product to the market."

Dr. Lenz Kröck

Chief Product Officer, Navigance GmbH, Munich, Germany

Blending statistical know-how with design expertise

"Evelyn and her team are masters at blending statistical know-how with design expertise to create smart dashboards and user experiences.

Evelyn took us through the Chart Doktor design process and created an outcome that we had not imagined and would not have come up with on our own."

Dave Anderson

Software Engineering Executive with Smart Contract, Blockchain, Data Science, AI backgroundWashington D.C., US

The Chart Doktor

Data Design Strategy

So, what are the three must-have steps every successful data product team follows to turn users into fans, without spending months on user testing?

(Hint: I've seen many teams skip step 1, never really talk about step 2, and go directly into step 3. Sadly, this never works.)

The Why

Ask yourself: why should the product be built? Get crystal clear on:

  • Business goals
  • Processes
  • Eco system
  • and much more...

The What

What data and information should appear in the product?

Get crystal clear on:

  • Quality of available data
  • Exact data you want to show
  • User's mental models
  • and much more...


The How

How can the data be visualized?

Based on the findings in "Why" and "What", iteratively

  • Select type of data visualization and chart types
  • Refine visual language
  • Work on marks, colors, units, axes
  • and much more...

Let me walk you through how this works

Game plan session

Before the program starts, we will have an onboarding session where we get to know each other, set a clear goal and vision, choose a data visualization project that is suitable for hands-on exercises, and define our weekly workflow and dates.

12 week lesson plan

The three steps of the Data Design Strategy are laid out in 12 modules. Each week, you get access to a new module, consisting of a lesson, an assignment and a coaching session. The lessons contain deep knowledge that you will not find in other places.

Work on your own project

You learn a lot better when you have the chance to put theory into practice. That's why my weekly assignments not only include quizzes and examples, but you get to work on your own exercise project - YES, a project of your own choosing, that is specific to your business.

Weekly coaching

Each week your team gets a 1:1 coaching session where we review your homework, maybe sketch some more design ideas, and dig deeper into special topics that are most relevant to your business and your data products.

Create better visualizations

"The Chart Doctor is a great methodology and workshop to deconstruct visualizations and create even better ones, enlightened with strong and clear data skills."

Charles Nepote

Head of Infolab CampaignFing, France

Explaining complicated math like in seconds

"Evelyn was spot on with all explanations, she came back with a beautiful animation for a 3D geometrical concept that did indeed explain the core idea like in seconds. If I did not witness this myself I would not have thought it was possible."

Dr. Boris Mouzykantskii

Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientist, IPONWEB, Moscow

Rapid understanding of robotic processes

"Evelyn created a user interface for business experts and a sensational picture story to enable rapid and enduring understanding of robotic processes even by AI laymen."

Dr. Michael Prohaska

CEOthe tean, Vienna, Austria


Evelyn Münster

I am a data visualization designer specialized in data products. I design data visualizations that enable actionable insights and that explain complex things in a way that the audience understands them easily. My projects are in a wide range of fields, from data science, machine learning, robots and analytics to code, statistics, processes and user journeys.

With a background in media art, software development and data analytics, I'm in the visualization game since 2008, helping technology clients from many industries develop complex and innovative data products, such as control and decision systems, tools and dashboards.

I am pleased that my Cycle of Encoding and Decoding has been included in the study “Future Skills: A Framework for Data Literacy” by the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung. My work serves as the basis for the framework for data literacy developed there. This framework sets the direction of education at German universities.

I am living in Nuremberg and Munich, Germany.

Want to take a look at my work? Here is my portfolio.

Learn what I have learned the hard way for the last 12 years.

I've spent my career working in the trenches for global tech and AI companies, building B2B data products.

At the beginning the dashboards that I designed where tedious to sell and afterwards almost nobody used them!

Although I had implemented all the requirements and user requests. I was devastated. 😭

But then I slowly figured out more and more strategies that helped me build better data visualizations.

  • How to deeply understand the user's needs (although the users themselves can not articulate them).
  • How to select data views that match the user's needs.
  • How find out what kind of explanations are needed without endless user feedback iterations.

By putting those strategies to work in my client's projects, I continuously achieved better and better results. Also I figured out those nitty gritty details in hundreds of different data situations, so I can already foresee what will work and what won't.

Now it is my mission to share all this knowledge with you and all the data product teams out there, to make the world a little bit better. 🎉

Is this bootcamp for you? Let’s Find Out

The Iconic Data Design Bootcamp solves a lot of problems, but it’s still not for everyone. That’s why we offer to have an in-depth chat via Zoom to discuss if this training is a good fit for you, your company, and your team.
During our call, we’ll get you on a clear path to overcome your biggest data design challenges. In fact, we’ll map out the exact next steps you should take to create better data products and boost user engagement.


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