The Data Question Map

The art of turning mysterious user requirements into fantastic dashboards.

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The Data Question Map

The art of turning mysterious user requirements into fantastic dashboards.

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Hey data analysts, BI experts and data designers!

Tired of creating Frankenstein dashboards that never get used?

Tired of endless iterations and change requests, although you stuck exactly to the requirements?


The requirement gathering process is broken. Here is one that works!

Fabian Werkmeister

Data Translator, Trainee Data Science & Consulting, Funke Mediengruppe

"I used the Data Question Cards and got my internal customers to talk about their issues. That was incredibly productive - the original problem had even bigger dimensions and a simple dashboard now becomes a whole project!"

Renske Prins

Director of Analytics, Celonis

"It’s hard to believe that we didn’t use the Data Questions before. This completely changed the conversations with our users.

Now we talk about their problems and use cases instead of KPI definitions and data.

This enables my team to easily design dashboards that actually get used, while providing a great user experience."

Jan Henning Vollmer

Head of Business Support & Controlling

"I found the workshop very interesting and so did my colleagues. As a controller, I'm used to asking a lot of questions, but asking the right questions for dashboards is another special discipline. I like the framework and we will adopt it."

In this workshop we'll show you how to decode mysterious user requirements using the Chart Doktor's Data Question technique.

The interviewing questions will spark meaningful conversations with your users that give you deep insights into their problems and also how to solve them with the available data.

The Data Question Map will help you stay on the road to data products your users love.

Take this 50 minutes online workshop and we’ll help you...

  • locate the requirements you've got on the Data Question Map. Are they helpful or in the jungle of obfuscation?
  • use the 30 questions cards to lead your users out of the jungle to the real detailed data questions they have (but didn't know they have).
  • take the next steps that turn these questions into a fantastic dashboard design.
  • speed up you dashboarding process.


You get access to the deck of cards (PDF) and the DQM Miro board and canvas to use in your workshops.

The 50 minute video course takes you through the process of using it (we do a live interview session as an example) and we also explain the key concepts and thinking behind it.

You will also get some tips on the different ways you can incorporate this technique into your requirements gathering process.

Dr. Niels Ohlsen

Data Team Lead

"Evelyn packs a lot of her professional experience in 50 minutes and gives you a tool to guide you in your next dashboarding project."

Tereza Iofciu

Head Data Science Coach

"Really enjoyed the workshop on navigating the Data Question Map! Can totally recommend for anybody working with designing dashboards or building data products."

Hari Bharadwaj

Senior Consultant | Technical Lead | Data & Analytics

"The workshop was definitely valuable. I really liked the quality of the questions you have curated and how powerful they can be in bringing us back on track."